Automata by Keith Newstead 

The thing I love about automata is the way it brings enjoyment and entertainment to both young and old alike. I work in different materials, sometimes new and sometimes re-cycled, and different styles but it’s the movement that makes the connection with my audience. So I see myself as much as an entertainer as an artist.

I have exhibited all over the world , one of my favorite commissions being a collaborative work with the cartoonist Ralph Steadman.

I also make automated donation boxes for museums and art Gallery’s and have work in The Natural History museum and The Eden Project in the UK.

I have also produced card automata kits, and at one outlet, the Tower of London, I have sold over one million.

I live in a small town called Falmouth in Cornwall and work at home. In the future I would like to get into the film world. Now that computer generated effects are so perfect I feel it’s a good time to go back to something more simple and hand made.